Migrant marriage case : I am an illegal immigrant woman, but still I get married.

πŸ’¬ Client case information 

There have been a lot of clients for migrant marriage

 from Russia recently. 

I would like to talk about a case in which an migrant

 marriage was conducted with a Russian illegal

 immigrant client.

I found out that the Russian spouse has a record

 of illegal residence in Korea during the consultation

 through migrant marriage consultation form. 

When I checked the details, the Russian spouse visited

 Korea from Russia on a travel visa.  

In the process, she was deceived by an illegal broker 

she met in the Facebook community who offered to

 exchange her visa for work visa, so she stayed in Korea.

In the process, she paid about 5 million won to the

 broker, but after that, She obviously could not change

 to a work visa and contact with the broker was cut off.

She was originally working as a model in Korea. 

She met her husband, who was her director

 at her filming location. And they've been seeing 

each other for about a year now.

However, She found out about her illegal stay records

 during the consultation on migrant marriage. And 

it made her think that she wants to receive her

 migrant visa safely, so she decided to 

proceed with K-VISA. 

πŸ’‘ Solution 

We have delivered two issues from 

what we found out through the consultation form.

First, It is impossible for short-term visa 

to be changed into migrant marriage visa according to

 the current immigration manual.

So, the Russian spouse had to leave the country.

Second, Because of Russian spouse's illegal residence 

record, there was a high possibility that the visa will be 

refused, as well as having to pay a fine in the process

of obtaining a visa.

To solve these two problems and minimize damage, 

we used the voluntary departure period.

If you use the voluntarydeparture period designated 

by the Ministry of Justice,

even illegal immigrants can voluntarily leave the 

country without paying a penalty.

After that, We applied for an migrant marriage visa 

at the Korean embassy in Russia and went through 

the process of coming back to Korea.

In the process, as explained to the client in advance, 

we expected that her migrant marriage visa would be

 rejected once due to her past illegal residence record.

 And we provided unlimited help until the visa is issued,

 So after 6 months, 

We applied for an migrant marriage visa again.

After that, an migrant marriage visa was issued

 at the Russian embassy.

 We concluded our work with the procedure for the

 client to return to Korea within 90 days and 

obtain an migrant marriage visa from the

 immigration office again.

πŸ‘ K-VISA suports your future

Due to various incidents, inquiries about 

migrant marriages in Russia are increasing.

K-VISA handles everything from migrant marriage 

to marriage registration in all countries.

It is very important to prevent and prepare for 

any possible problems when it comes to Visa.

 If you have any difficulties 

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even if you do not sign a contarct.

This is a fictionalized story based on actual case, so please feel free to request a case to K-VISA.

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