Case of Overseas Korean : Have you reported loss of nationality?

πŸ’¬ Client Case 

There are many visa inquiries for overseas Koreans. 

Typical examples are inquiries about changing to an H-2 visa

 for visiting employment and an inquiry about changing

 to an F-4 visa for overseas Koreans.

I remember an old couple's request.

They are originally Koreans, but they immigrated

 to the United States in the past and obtained citizenship there. 

Now they have been on a short trip to Korea, 

so they inquired about whether it is possible to change

 the F-4 visa for overseas Koreans as a way to stay longer.

First of all, in the case of overseas Koreans, 

there are various types of things to check, 

but in this case, I had to identify the following.

For men, it is necessary to check whether there is a problem 

with military service, and make sure that 

the loss of nationality report has been completed 

in Korea before emigrating to the United States.

As a result of checking the contents through

 the consultation form, the couple was over 60 years old, 

so they were free from military service issues.

In addition, overseas criminal history and 

Korean language proficiency requirements were also exempted.

However, while reviewing the documents, 

it was confirmed that they did not proceed with 

the loss of nationality report in Korea and 

obtained citizenship in the United States.

πŸ’‘ Solution

First of all, in this case, you must apply for the loss of nationality

 report and the overseas Korean visa at the same time.

In case of loss of nationality, you must apply at the

 Nationality Division of the Immigration Office,

 and then apply with the documents of overseas Koreans 

at the Residence Division of the

 Immigration Office with the receipt.

The thing they were most worried about was 

that the expiry date was just around the corner, 

but that doesn't matter because the visa is 

automatically renewed once they have applied for it.

After that, the client was safely issued a visa, 

and due to the nature of the F-4 visa, 

the period can be extended once every 3 years.

πŸ‘ K-VISA supports your future

The client trusted us and followed us, 

so the visa was issued without any problems.

Since I had acquired all the information through 

the consultation form in advance,

I was able to easily organize solutions and strategies.

K-VISA is always on your side.

If you have any difficulties 

or inquires, please feel free to contact K-VISA

even if you do not sign a contarct.


This is a fictionalized story based on actual case, so please feel free to request a case to K-VISA.

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