Refugee applicant Case : Refugee applicant fleeing from Bangladesh

๐Ÿ’ฌ Client Case

Today, I would like to talk about refugee applications.

This is one of the most memorable cases of the requests I received 

while operating the immigration service for 7 years.

According to Article 2(1) of the Refugee Act and 

Article 1(A)(2) of the Refugee Convention,

A refugee refers to a stateless foreigner who is unable or 

unwilling to be protected by the state of his/her nationality and 

he/she cannot or does not wish to return to the country of 

residence before entering the Republic of Korea

In the past, I have helped an refugee applicant 

fleeing from Bangladesh for religious reasons.

In Bangladesh, religious persecution is 

more serious than you think.

In particular, the damage to ISIS, 

an extreme Islamist group is serious. 

The refugee applicant who requested the case is a Hindu, 

and it is said that death or execution is frequent 

in the case of Hindus.

In case of religious persecution, 

the government does not provide active assistance.

So, applying for refugee status abroad was 

almost the only way to survive.

In this case, the refugee applicant was

 a friend of a trading company representative 

with whom I was personally acquainted. 

I helped them in the following ways.


In the case of refugee claims, we do not

 provide any service for those who do not have

 evidence, as there are many cases of false claims.

So, while the client was in Bangladesh, 

I asked him to send me evidence to prove t

he damage via e-mail, and in the process, 

I received a recording file and various photos.

After confirming the damage and identifying 

dozens of evidences, we decided 

to help with the refugee claim.

The cas has not yet been forgotten in my memory. 

In the process of directly confirming the religious persecution and damage that occurred in a distant country, 

I remember being shocked at the amount of damage

 larger than I expected.

Anyway, in the process, 

I finished filling out the documents and 

applied for a G-1-5 visa at the immigration office

 along with the refugee applicant 

who entered Korea on a visiting visa.

๐Ÿ‘ Thoughts of the day

We are living with many benefits due to the 

development of the Internet and technological revolution.

However, it was a day that made me think deeply about 

people from all over the world who are suffering from 

national and religious reasons,

 even though there is no fault of their own.

There are many difficulties in the world that arise

 regardless of your will.

K-VISA is always on your side.

If you have any difficulties 

or inquires, please feel free to contact K-VISA

even if you do not sign a contarct.


This is a fictionalized story based on actual case, so please feel free to request a case to K-VISA.

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