International Marriage Case_Can illegal immigrants get a visa?

πŸ’¬ Client Case

When you deal with visa process with clients, 

various questions and answers are shared 

along with visa consultation.

I would like to tell you about a case of  a Thai client, 

who had the status of an illegal resident in Korea but 

dreamd of a married life with Korean husband.

However, one of the problems is that illegal immigrants 

cannot change to migrant marriage visa.

So, we suggested the client leave Korea and apply 

at the Korean embassy in Thailand to proceed with 

migrant marriage visa.

However, it turned out that a Thai client was pregnant 

with the child of a Korean spouse, 

so we decided to obtain a visa in Korea.

πŸ’‘ Solution

First of all, even if you are an illegal resident, 

you can get a migrant marriage visa in Korea if special reasons 

such as pregnancy occur for humanitarian reasons.

However, depending on the period of illegal stay, 

you will have to pay a fine to the Office of Foreigners in Korea.

The client's current illegal stay was 5 months.

Article 94, No. 7 of the Immigration Control Act states

 that illegal immigrants for more than 3 months 

and less than 6 months must pay a fine of 4 million won.

Based on this, we prepared following documents as a way 

to reduce fines and proceed with migrant marriage.

1. Marriage registration process

2. International Marriage Documents

3. Documents that can reduce by up to 50%

 according to the sentencing standards

4. Reflection statement

5. Complaints, etc.

The documents were submitted to the 

Immigration Office under the jurisdiction of the client.

Two weeks later, migrant marriage visa was issued.

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This is a fictionalized story based on actual case, so please feel free to request a case to K-VISA.

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