Employment visa_ IT specialist from Thailand

πŸ’¬ Client case

Hello, This is K-Visa.

Today, We'd like to talk about a IT specialist

came to Korea from Thailand. 

Recently, as issues and interest in the

 4th industry have increased, 

the demand that has increased 

along with it is probably security.

The client was also an IT company 

specializing in cloud hosting.

The company recently contacted us

 to recruit a promising Thai security expert from abroad.

However, since this is not the case 

for a common employment visa

that can be issued through a general study abroad course, 

a number of requirements had to be met and 

procedures to be confirmed were necessary.

πŸ’‘ Solutions

First, due to the nature of the Employment visa, 

foreigners who have graduated from a university 

and have a diploma are eligible 

when coming to Korea from abroad.

However, in this case, he also had a diploma 

and worked for a famous IT company in Thailand 

for about 7 years in the past.

We confirmed this, and later requested relevant documents

 and analyzed the documents

 with migration experts working in Thailand.

In the process, the part about the relationship 

between the work on the career certificate 

and the current job was lacking, 

so I requested the company once again 

and supplemented the insufficient documents.

Afterwards, I collected all the documents 

and submitted them to the Seoul Foreign Office 

under the jurisdiction of the company. 

The visa issuance number was issued without any problems, 

and he was able to get a visa and come to Korea 

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As the regulation and restriction due to COVID19 

has been eased to some extent, 

there are many inquiries about ways to visit Korea.

However, in the process, it is most important to prepare 

the purpose of visiting Korea and the necessary documents in advance.

K-Visa is working with licensed administrative agents to work on the visa process.

If you have a difficult or complicated problem with your visa,

try consultation with experts.

This is a fictionalized story based on actual case, so please feel free to request a case to K-VISA.

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