Please send your name / number / purpose of partnership via official@k-visa.co.kr.

We will contact you after confirmation.

Currently, we have about 90% approval rate.

Yes, It is available. We currently provide a consultation for free, but it will be converted to a paid basis in the future.

Extension of the period of stay is possible from 4 months prior to the expiry of the period of stay. In the case of extension, if you apply through K-Visa, you can extend the period without visiting the immigration office.

We currently provide a consultation for free, but it will be converted to a paid service in the future.

 K-VISA is officially registered with the immigration agency and is handled directly by  licensed administrative agents specialized in immigration. 

In order to further enhance customer experience and visa expertise, certain types of visa services are limited. Therefore, in the case of other visa services, we plan to add them according to customer experience and suitable demand.
There is no additional cost after the contract. However, additional costs may inevitably occur in the event of an unpredictable situation or content separate from the consultation process conducted prior to the contract.
K-VISA was established to solve the difficult and frustrating visa process for foreigners.  Based on our 7 years of experience with immigration issues, we are providing solutions for foreigners by combining visa problems with IT. 

In order to enhance customer experience and service satisfaction, we provide services in Korean / English only. In the future, Services in Chinese, Russian, and Vietnamese languages will be provided sequentially.