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📮 Visa consultation

· Consultation takes about 1 to 2 minutes
· A reprentative will contact you after analyzing with algorithms of immigration.

     Visa Consultation     

✍️ What is marriage migrant visa?

This visa is required to maintain a marital relationship with a foreign spouse and live in Korea. 120,000 foreingers of various nationalites are living with marriage migrant visa.
You must prepare the documents safely and accurately through consultation with an expert before proceeding with the visa because If the marriage migrant visa is denied, the spouse's invitation is restricted for six months.

🔎 Basic Requirements

· Marriage Authenticit: Proving the authenticity and relationship of marriage with a foreign spouse

· Income Requirements : Proof of annual income of 18,528,474 won or more based on a family of two ( as of 2022 )

· Communication requirements : Proof of proficiency in Korean, the foreign spouse's native language, or a third language

🔎 Period of stay

· Maximum period of per visit is 3 years

· You can apply for an extension of the period from 4 months before the expiration date.

🔎 Employment information

· There are no restrictions on the industry of employment

🔎 Other information

· After 2 years, you can change your status to naturalization by marriage or permanent resident status.

· You can invite the foreign spouse's family within one year.

· If there are reasons for pregnancy, childbirth, or child rearing, illegal immigrants can also obtain an marriage migrant visa.

·  If the marriage migrant visa is denied, you can re-apply after period of 6 months.


· K-VISA does not offer accompany service.

· Additional charges may occur for new events and additional documents after contract.

· We trust the customer's information and consultation, and we are not responsible for any damage caused by incorrect information.

· Due to first-come-first-served / quantity restrictions, we are currently unable to process all tasks..

·  K-VISA  service is operated in accordance with the Administrative Law Act.


Q. How much is it?

A. The exact amount will be determined after consultation. Marriages migrants start at 1.5 million won.

Q. How long does it take to be processed?

A.  It usually takes 2-3 months. If there are issues such as the status of marriage registration, communication requirements, pregnancy, childbirth, etc., it may be reduced to less than one month.

Q. Does K-VISA help with marriage registration?

A. Yes, that's right. We handle everything from marriage registration to marriage migration at once.

Q. Can illegal immigrants get an marriage migrant visa?

A.  In principle, it is impossible. However, it is possible if there is a reason for pregnancy, childbirth, or child rearing.

Q. If I get pregnant, is the price cheaper?

A. Yes, that's right. In the case of pregnancy, the amount of documents is reduced, so on average, about 500,000 won is cheaper.

     Visa Consultation