Visa Consultation 

📮 Visa consultation

· Consultation takes about 1 to 2 minutes
· A reprentative will contact you after analyzing with algorithms of immigration.

     Visa Consultation     

✍️ What is Employment Visa (E-7)? 

There are a variety of employment visas in Korea, but the employment visa (E-7) is a visa granted when employed in 86 occupations with expertise.

International students in Korea and overseas talents have changed their visa into Employment visa and maintaining employment activities in Korea.

🔎 Subjects for Employment Visa 

· D series holder : Culture and art (D-1), study abroad (D-2), general training (D-4), coverage (D-5), religion (D-6) Investment (D-8), Trade Management (D-9), Job (D-10)

· E-series holder : Professor (E-1), Foreing launguage Instructor (E-2), Research (E-3), technical Instructor (E-4), Special Occupation (E-5), Culture and Entertainment (E-6)

· F-series holder : Family dependent (F-3), Visiting & Joining (F-1)

 · Overseas talent 

🔎 General requirements for foreigners 

· If you graduated from a domestic university (D-2-1) : The major (degree certificate) matches the field of work

· If you graduated from a domestic university (D-2-2) : If the necessity of employment is proved, there is no restriction on major (degree certificate) and work field.

· If you graduated from overseas universities or higher : You must have a major (degree certificate) and work experience + more than 1 year. 

· Others : You have to prove your work experience for more than five years in areas that are associated with the introduction occupation

🔎 General requirements for companies

·  Employment of 5 or more citizens (only 20%of the total personnel) / Maintain employment for more than 3 months

·  Contract with a annual salary of more than 80% of GNI per capita 

· Semi-professional workers, general skilled workers, skilled workers: Minimum wage or higher (however, 80% GNI or higher for some occupations)

🔎 Period of stay 

· The maximum period of stay per visit is 1 ~ 3 years. 

· You can apply for an extension of the period from 4 months before the expiration date. 

· You can continue to extend the period while maintaining employment.

🔎 Employment information 

·  You have to work at a company that signed a labor contract. 

· If you are moving to another company, you must obtain a resignation agreement from the previous company. 

🔎 Other information 

· All degree certificates and career certificates that come from overseas must be confirmed by Apostille/Consulate.

 · Government invitation students (D-2-7) are not subject to restrictions on the number of Koreans and sales amount of companies. 

·You must submit a degree certificate, not an overseas graduation certificate to  Immigration office. 

· If you have an E-7 visa for more than 3 years, you will be eligible to change to F-2-7. 

·The above information is general matters and the requirements and procedures will vary depending on various variables such as GKS and top 200 universities around the world.


· K-VISA does not offer accompany service.

· Additional charges may occur for new events and additional documents after contract.

· We trust the customer's information and consultation, and we are not responsible for any damage caused by incorrect information.

· Due to first-come-first-served / quantity restrictions, we are currently unable to process all tasks..

·  K-VISA  service is operated in accordance with the Administrative Law Act.


Q. How much is it? 

A.  The exact amount is determined after consultation. If you are a job visa, it starts at 1.8 million won. 

Q. How long does it take to be processed? 

A. It usually takes two to three months. However, if there is a problem or other issues about the required documents, it may increase, so it is appropriate to handle the work three months before work. 

Q. What if the company doesn't issue a career certificate in the past? 

A. There is no way. This part is inevitable because there is no obligation for company. 

Q. When hiring employees with E-7, do I have to prepare for the company's VAT certificate and recent years? 

A. In the case of a corporation, the VAT certificate can be issued every three months, and other financial statements must be prepared. As a result, the corporation requires VAT + financial statements in the last two years. 

A. In the case of individual business owners, the VAT certificate can be issued every year. As a result, private business owners need VAT + financial statements (If applicable) in the last two years.

 A. There is no set regulation on sales, but realistically, Sales amounts are judged based on common sense and whether it is possible to hire both Koreans and foreigners.

Q. What if the company who wants to hire a foreinger with E-7 has just been established and not ready to prepare for VAT certificate?

A.  If it has been less than 6 months since the company was established, Immigration finds it difficult to recognize the company's sales.

 A. A company must prepare a standard certificate of VAT for sales standards, but if the establishment period is insufficient, the sales volume must be proven through a tax invoice, so this is not recognized well by immigration. 

A. However, in the case of GKS scholarship students, the conditions for the number of Koreans and sales are relaxed.

Q. How do I check the sectors that need to get an employment recommendation in the detailed management criteria by e-7?

A. Employment recommendation letter is not required, and it is recommended to proceed only if it is essential. 

A. It is separately written as mandatory in the detailed management standard guidelines, and after that, Please double check whether the employment recommendation letter is required through 1345

     Visa Consultation