Visa Consultation

📮 Visa consultation

· Consultation takes about 1 to 2 minutes
· A reprentative will contact you after analyzing with algorithms of immigration.

     Visa Consultation     

✍️ What is overseas Koreans?

Foreigners stipulated in the Act on the Legal Status of Immigration of Overseas Koreans In general, it refers to a person who acquired foreign nationality as a direct descendant of an overseas Korean or when a person who held Korean nationality by birth acquires foreign nationality.

🔎 Overseas Koreans

· A person who held Korean nationality by birth acquires foreign nationality

· A person who has acquired foreign nationality as a direct descendant of an overseas Korean

· In the case of men, if they do not perform military service, the status of residence of overseas Koreans is restricted until the age of 40

🔎 Period of stay

· In principle, the maximum period of stay per visit is 3 years. 

· However, children of overseas koreans attending elementary/middle/high shcool (F-4-30) are granted witin 2 years.

· You can extend the period of stay 4 months before the expiration date

🔎 Employment information

· In principle, there are no restrictions on employment, but in 41 specific occupations that are simple labor practices, employment is not allowed.

🔎 Other information

· If you have held an overseas Korean visa for 2 years, you can obtain permanent resident status or nationality. After 2 years, you can change to naturalization by marriage or permanent resident status.

· In the case of violating the relevant law, the extension of the period and the change of status are restricted. 

· Overseas Koreans (F-4) and those who have obtained a visit & Work (H-2) qualifications (spouses, minor children and parents) can be qualified for a Family Dependent (F-1). 

· If overseas Koreans do not lose their nationality in the Republic of Korea, we must apply for a national loss of nationality at the Immigration Office Nationality Division with Overseas Korean Visa.


· K-VISA does not offer accompany service.

· Additional charges may occur for new events and additional documents after contract.

· We trust the customer's information and consultation, and we are not responsible for any damage caused by incorrect information.

· Due to first-come-first-served/quantity restrictions, we are currently unable to process all tasks.

·  K-VISA  service is operated in accordance with the Administrative Law Act.


Q. How much is it? 

A. The exact amount is determined after consultation. Overseas Korean visas start at 500,000 won. 

Q. How long does it take to be processed?

A. It usually takes a period of 1-2 months. In general, it takes longer to prepare for the Korean Language Proficiency Test or Criminal Certificate. 

Q. Is the cost of preparing the required documents included?

A. In the case of a Criminal Certificate and family relationship certificate that must be prepared abroad, the client must be prepared individually. If the clients need to prepare for those documents, we will introduce the related agency to help you prepare for the documents.

     Visa Consultation