Visa Consultation

📮 Visa consultation

· Consultation takes about 1 to 2 minutes
· A reprentative will contact you after analyzing with algorithms of immigration.

     Visa Consultation     

✍️ What is Divorce Visa?

Divorce visa is issued when it is difficult to maintain a marriage relationship due to special reasons.
 In most cases, visa consultations begin while preparing for divorce with a foreign spouse.   If you do not prepare a divorce visa and the marital relationship is severed, you may have problems staying in Korea.

🔎 Type of divorce visa 

· F-1-6 Visa : A visa issued when additional residence in Korea is required for property division and household formation after the agreement divorce.

· F-6-2 Visa : This visa is issued to a father or a mother who wants to raise minor children in Korea in a marital relationship with a Korean citizen (including common-law marriage)

· F-6-3 Visa : This is a visa issued when a normal marital relationship cannot be maintained due to the death or disappearance of a spouse or other reasons not attributable to the spouse while the marital status is maintained with a Korean spouse.

🔎 Period of stay 

· The maximum period of stay given per stay is 6 months ~ 1 year. 

· You can apply for an extension of the period from 4 months before the expiration date.

🔎 Employment information 

· There is no restriction on employment activities

🔎 Other information 

· If it has been two years since you received your marriage migrant visa, it is better to change to marriage naturalization or permanent resident status rather than a divorce visa.

 · If you have minor children born in a common-law marriage, you can get a divorce visa (F-6-2).

 · In the case of a divorce visa, it is very important to have objective documents (hospital medical certificate, judgment, runaway report, etc.) 


· K-VISA does not offer accompany service.

· Additional charges may occur for new events and additional documents after contract.

· We trust the customer's information and consultation, and we are not responsible for any damage caused by incorrect information.

· Due to first-come-first-served / quantity restrictions, we are currently unable to process all tasks..

·  K-VISA  service is operated in accordance with the Administrative Law Act.


Q. How much is it? 

A. The exact amount is determined after consultation. In the case of divorce visa, it starts at 1.5 million won. 

Q. How long does it take to be processed? 

A. It usually takes 2-3 months. However, if there is a problem with the required documents or a divorce case is in progress, the period may be extended. 

Q. What kind of divorce visa should I get?

A. It depends on the requirements and the current situation. K -VISA is helping to proceed by recommending a visa suitable for the client through consultation process. 

Q. I want to get a divorce visa for assault. Is it possible without evidence?

A.  In the case of divorce visa, the evidence required by the immigration is the most important. Therefore, if there is no evidence, we will help you prepare in advance.

Q. I'm in the process of divorce, can't I change my visa before that?

A.  If the current divorce process is not over, it is difficult to change to a divorce visa right now, so you should prepare and proceed with the F-6-1's required documents that can be extended during the divorce process.

     Visa Consultation