If an international student (D-2) works illegally, is it possible for them to change to an employment visa (E-7)?

πŸ‘‹ Hello, today I would like to talk 

about international students.

About 170,000 international students are already living in Korea.

In fact, the international student visa was

 less affected by COVID-19 than other visas.

The reason is that most international students

 come to study through the Study in Korea website, 

and when they receive admission, the university issues a visa.

Therefore, it is a visa that is easier to obtain 

than other visas and allows you to come to Korea.

✍️ Types of international student visa 

Anyway, most of the international students who come to Korea are 

issued with either a D-2 or D-4 visa to live in Korea.

Those eligible for a D-2 visa are general international students. 

Professional bachelor's, bachelor's, master's and

 doctoral programs are included here.

Also, the D-4 visa is available to foreigners

 who come in to learn Korean.

In the case of D-2 or D-4, a part-time job is possible. 

For more information on this part-time job, 

please contact the International Student Coordinator 

at the university.

✍️ Part-time job conditions 

The conditions for part-time work for 

international students are as follows.

In summary, the hours of part-time work are 

different on weekdays and weekends, 

and there is no time limit in most cases on weekends.

Also, you must be aware that 

you must report a part-time job when it is 

outside the status of residence to the Immigration Office, 

then it will not be treated as illegal employment.

✍️ What if an international 

student works illegally?

The topic I want to talk about this time is

 'What will happen if an international student took an illegal job?'

As a result, the change to a Job-seeking visa ( D-10 ) is limited.

A Job-seeking visa allows international students of D-2 

to search for a job before going on to an employment visa ( E-7 ).

With Job-seeking visa ( D-10 ), You will be given a period of

 about one year to search for a job, 

and during this period, you can find a company 

and then change your status of residence to an E-7 visa.

However, in the case of international students working illegally,

 the Immigration Office restricts the change of the D-10 visa, 

so you must be aware of this.

πŸ’‘ What should I do?

 How does the immigration office know

 that foreign students have been working illegally?

They will check the foreigner's income tax,

 not the foreigner's bank account in Korea.

They can check the employment status of foreigners

 through an inspecti of the income tax reported by an employer.

Then, Can a foreigner who has worked illegally

engage in employment activities with an E-7 visa?

Yes, They can work with an E-7 visa.

As mentioned above, foreigners who work part-time illegally 

are restricted from changing to a D-10 visa,

 So, if they change to an E-7 at the same time as they graduate, 

they can change to a employment visa.

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